SUGA Educational Services

SUGA Educational Services is providing the various educational services

  • Educational services to Students
  • Educational services to educational Institutions and Educational Professionals

We provide following services to students

  • Assistance with Application Filling and Assured Admission.
  • Free counseling on academic programs by our experienced counselors.
  • Assistance on Accommodation to suit the requirements and budget of every individual student.
  • Assistance in Documentations for student visa.
  • Assistance in obtaining Bank loans and financial documents preparation.
  • Air-port pick-up and transfer to On-Campus Accommodation.
  • Acts as a bridge between the students and their parents in India until a student complete their course.
  • Facilitating Communication between the students and the institutions.
  • Assistance for successful students for their travel & other arrangements.
  • Pre – Departure Orientation

We provide the following services to Educational Institutions

  • Assistance to get students to their Institutions of International repute.
  • Arranging Counseling, Interviewing and documents assessment behalf of Institutions.
  • Application processing and administrative services.
  • Assistance in Promotion, Marketing and Organizing of Seminars on behalf of the Universities/Colleges in India.
  • Participation and representation at Educational Fairs and Career Exhibitions to promote the Universities/Colleges in India.
  • Assistance in recruiting qualified and experienced professionals for the Universities /Colleges without any additional charges from our rich updated Database

We provide the following services to Educational Professionals

  • Qualified and Experienced Professionals in India to get suitable placement in world class Universities / Colleges in India and abroad

SUGA Services